Backcountry - North Island Official Trailer

Backcountry – North Island Official Trailer

The backcountry of New Zealand holds a special place in the heart of all Kiwis. “Going bush” is a national past time, and Kiwi fly fishers like nothing better than the sun on their backpack, the cold touch of a mountain stream and the opportunity to sight fishing to giant trout in pristine settings.
The film follows six fly fishermen, from different places and different walks of life, as they each…

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South Florida Fly Fishing - “TURF-N-SURF” by Dan Decibel

South Florida Fly Fishing – “TURF-N-SURF” by Dan Decibel

This past weekend of July 11, 2014, I decided to make a last minute trip to Port Orange, Fl to fish and surf with good friends Patrick Gingras and his girlfriend Becca Courtney. Friday afternoon I gathered up all my stuff and headed over there for a weekend full of fun. We explored a lot of new areas on foot in Patricks turf and made the best of it. I also had the chance to go surfing for the…

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